Hey there, I’m Laura!

Thanks for stopping by! I’m a mother of 3 little ones (4,5 and 7) and have been married to the most amazing and supportive man for the past 7 years. Three words I’d use to describe myself are dedicated, awkward and fun. I'm a huge fan of a cozy sweatshirt or the way fuzzy blanket feels on my skin. I take my coffee hot with almond milk. I’m a fine chocolate addict especially paired with binging Netflix shows. Some of my favorite things to do while editing is listening to motivational or true crime podcasts. I’m someone who would rather chat with you face to face rather than texting. York beach is my second home. I spend way too much time at the beach and love playing in the water and crab hunting with my kiddos. 

I initially fell in love with photography over 20 years ago in high school (yes, I’m that old, haha.) I took a class which was old school dark room (and so much fun!) Along the way, I got lost in my previous work life of business and investments and banking. Seven years ago, my first son was born, and I knew it was time. I just knew that my artsy self-needed to rise up.

Something else to know about me is I enjoy a challenge! It was quite comical to watch me figure out how to handle a digital camera and then all of the things that go along with owning your own business. I've got a handle on it all after 

It’s been a beautiful journey and so blessed to have officially partnered with the amazing Brittany Palmer. I’m a fan girl and we compliment each other just right.

You have two boss babes on your side and we are so ready to fall in love with your love story.

With love,

Hi Everyone.... I'm Brit!
    First and foremost thank you so much for taking the time to get to know a little about me!! My name is Brittany... I'm a mom to 4.... (1 stepdaughter, 2 boys and a brand new babygirl!) I have been a registered nurse for the past 10 years... and I work in the ICU two days a week! 

   When I am not behind the camera or the computer editing or at the hospital.... I am 100% found outdoors with the kids. We're a big fan of side by sides, riding dirt-bikes in the yard, exploring mud piles and really anything outdoors. We don't handle winter months well or being cooped up in the house!! The amount of energy needs to be released!! During the summer months (our favorite) -- You can find us spending any and all free time down at the cottage located in Cape Cod. 

    I have always had a love for photography but picked up the camera and decided to learn it when my son was born! From there, countless hours of practice, workshops and education -- Brittany Palmer Photography was born! As for the amazing Laura DeVito, we have known each-other for 20+ years. I love her work, and we work so well together so we decided to never do another wedding alone -- and thats when we joined forces and created Ivy Lane Wedding Co., LLC! 

  Here's what we have in mind...  Let's start off with your engagement session...  and end it with the perfect "I do's!" All you need to worry about is having a blast!

We can't wait to work with you!!
   Love, Brittany

BriT + Laura

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Whether big or small, you can count on us to be there for it all. 

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The dress.. the shoes... the flowers... not one detail will be left behind. Our artful eye will secure your work in time. 

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From beginning to end... the first glance to the first dance. We're here to capture the connection of your unique love story. 

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Tried and true the one thats with you all the way to the end. Let us show what your person is all about. 

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Ivy Lane Brides are detail oriented with plans of lots of laughter and fun. We encourage adventure and whispers of solitude. Our Brides enjoy the journey with us from beginning to end. Your love story is one for the books! Documenting your day is simply, not enough. Expect more from your wedding photographers. Our brides hold their sights high and expect the best service. She wants to show it all off, all over her walls. We can help with that too. If this sounds like you, we should chat!!

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